Casbar Crafts, located only 3 kms from the historic village of Hill End, was established in 2004 with the goal of producing high quality handcrafted yarns and garments using naturally coloured wool from sheep bred on our property.
The district is well renowned for production of fine merino wool.

At casbar crafts we have continued this tradition and offer a range of men’s, women’s and children’s fashion wool wear made from Merino, Corriedale, Bond and English Leicester. These products are available in natural colours such as white, cream, fawn, grey, light brown, dark brown and black.
At casbar crafts we also offer a range of handspun/hand-knitted products made from other natural fibres such as alpaca, silk, and mohair.

Casbar Crafts is our private label that's designed by us. If you're looking for head-turning styles that are one of a kind, Casbar Craft products is what you should stock up on.

The story of Casbar Crafts transformation into a leading designer of high-end fleecey garments has been one of continual evolution driven by a philosophy of innovation ..

Casbar Crafts has enjoyed a special relationship with our remarkable animals and strives to provide handmade garments and yarns of the most impeccable quality

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